Jamestown Library Show

Paul Library One-124510

Just finished hanging the show with Jillian.

Fun times having my first private show.  Today with the help of my neighbor Jillian Barber, one of the top artist in the area, we hung the show at the Jamestown, Library.  This show is run by the Conanicut Island Art Association, which I am a member.  Great group of artist, actively supporting the local artist.

The show runs from today 4 June, till 4th of July.  Enter the library and both sides of the main hall you will have the opportunity to enjoy 18 of my framed prints.  There is a range of work from Ireland, Jamestown, Colorado, California, Puerto Rico, Maine, and on the ocean.

Paul Library two-1

Signing the Rocky Mountain Bark canvas print.

This is the first time all eighteen of these prints have been printed.  All are limited editions, one out of a hundred, and signed.  Five of them are canvas prints, with the rest matted prints with museum glass.  The prints are of the highest quality materials and will last their owners life times of enjoyment.

If you are in the Jamestown area and would like to see some of my work, please give the Jamestown Library a visit.  You can also go to Fuller Gallery for different prints on display, and town hall for three more (one winning and award) on display.

For July I will have a tent at the Wickford Art Festival, July 7-8.  This is a judged show to get in, so all the work is of top quality.  More on the festival soon.

All print are for sale at all location or feel free to contact me.  Different sizes and prints only are available.  Some prints are offered in canvas and matted print.  Go to the PRINTS FOR SALE page on my site.  Just click on the print and you can find more information.

Thank you to all the people who have help this new venture happen.

See you soon, Paul

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Framed Prints, Galleries & Shows


Paul capturing the moment in Ireland, May 2018

Well the exciting news I mentioned in the last blog is here.  I am expanding my business  back into selling framed prints.  Thirty five years ago I sold framed prints, then sailing, and video slowly pulled me away.  I never stopped taking stills and never will, it is a life long passion, and something I started at a very early age.

A local friend Sherry who works at out bank is the spark plug for this move.  I helped Sherry with her camera menus, and developing RAW shots so she did not have to pay big fees to local photographers for a class.  While looking at her prints on my edit system we looked through some of my files.  We came to my Christmas Full Moon shot below and Sherry stopped and said, “I want a framed print.”  And then she talked to Fuller Gallery in jamestown and the Conanicut Island Art Association promoting my work, and off it went.


Christmas Full Moon

Friday night I had a private showing of the first eight framed prints/canvas at our house for 16 special guest.  It was a great evening and everyone enjoyed it.  A lot of hard work goes into an event like this, and I need to thank Liz Baylis and her husband Todd Hedin for their help, and bar tending.  And to all the guest who helped make it a special night.  And my loving thanks goes to my wife Carol who is always supportive, and put in a lot of hard work to help make this happen.

Show one-1180

First eight prints shown on Friday

Next showing is the Jamestown Library front hall exhibit for the month of June (16 images), Jamestown Town Hall (three Images of Jamestown) will have prints for the summer show, and Slice of Heaven in Jamestown will have three prints. Also Fuller Gallery in Jamestown now has two prints.  So 24 prints out for sale in the first few weeks of jumping in.  What a fun adventure.


Capturing the moment in Ireland, May 2018

All these prints are matted framed prints or canvas prints with floater frames of the highest quality.  I am lucky to have the best printer in the area print my work, Chris Clancy, Gordon Ink.  And for framing I use two businesses, Tory at Fuller Gallery, and Crestar.

You will find all 24 prints, with pricing in the new gallery sections on my site coming next week.  If you would like a print, just contact me and we can ship it to you.  I will sell framed prints and unframed prints.  Or you can visit one of the display locations in Jamestown and see the 24 prints on display.

This is a fun and exciting aspect of my business that I am happy to bring back.

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Episode 40 Winter Overview

Episode 40-40

Fun memories from 2017

Spring has finally sprung in Rhode Island.  Warmer days, water temp is up to 47 F, which sounds cold but feels warm after paddling in 30 F in January.

Kincora did not have a long list this winter, which worked out well since I have added a few new aspects to my business.  More on that in the next blog post.

This summer will be an active one with a lot of fun miles planned on Kincora.  Two races signed up for are the 160 miler which is a big single handed race out of Newport, then a week later the Solo/twin which I will do solo again this year.  After that a fun trek to Maine with John. Then cruising for a couple of weeks in Maine before heading back to RI the end of Aug.    There are a few other races that I might even do double handed.

A few jobs I did not put in the video were servicing the winches, adding a new LMR 240 coax wire and Ultra Whip VHF antenna in the mast.  New halyards, and a couple of new sheets.  So the lady is ready for launch the second week in May

Enjoy Episode 40 and I will see you soon.

Cheers Paul

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How I choose my singlehanded boats, episode 39

Episode 39

Kincora when she was Little Bird during her survey in Toronto, CA.

Welcome to Episode 39

How I choose my single-handed boats

This episode is a request and a great subject.  Having owned a very wide variety of singlehanded boats over the last 40 years, I have narrowed down my requirements.  And of course over the years it is always changing.

Throughout this show I will show my major bullet points for the features that matter to me so I can go fast, and have a blast sailing singlehanded. This is a little longer show then most of the shows since there is so much to cover. Close to 150 sailing clips giving great examples with some of the boats I have owned.

If you would like any one of these bullet points as their own episode, just ask. There is so much information to cover I could go on for a season.

So if you are interested in shorthanded sailing, have a boat, want a boat, or are modifying a boat, check out this video, and hopefully it will help you enjoy the experience.

Please follow my blog and my In and OUT of the Boat Shop series.

And if you would like to sponsor this series or know of a business that might please let me know. paulcroninstudios@gmail.com

Enjoy episode 39, How I Choose my Singlehanded Boats

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SpaceX Rocket Launch

I had a very cool trip to Titusville, FL to visit some friends to film together, and have warm weather fun, with some Shuffleboard.  We were both running in overdrive and after a few emails decided we needed a break from our screens.  So I flew down with my Sony FS7 and support gear for a four-day break.

Doug & Paul SpaceX

Special Thanks to Sally Dewey from Vortex Media for grabbing this perfectly timed shot of Doug and Paul filming the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch.

The plan was film the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch, which was delayed one day, no problem.  We missed the Falcon Heavy due to commitments, but the Falcon 9 was very cool.  Filming ten miles away I used a Red 300mm lens with the FS7.  My friend Doug Jensen used his Sony F55 with Canon 200-400, F4 zoom with 1.4x extender, what a beast of a camera.  Having owned the F55 it is an amazing piece of gear, and that lens, wow.

Doug tuning up

Shot of Doug tuning up his F55 and on top a Sony Z90.

The conditions were perfect with great light just before sunset, at a secret spot with no crowds.  Couple of frame grabs here and stock footage available upon request.

Falcon 9 frame grab two

Doug set us up perfectly with SpaceX right along side the huge NASA building. Building 6 miles away, rocket 10 miles away.

Falcon 9 frame grab two-2

Luckily I shoot 4K SLOG so I always grab max latitude from the sensor. First launch for me but not the last. Now I need 1000mm PL lens.

Here is my setup for the launch and a couple of days of stock shooting.   Great gear.

Paul's FS7 with Red 300mm PL lens

FS7 on Sachtler FSB-8 head (just enough), and Red PL 300mm lens.

Very cool shoot, and a great four days with friends.  Will be posting clips soon when I have sent stock.

Have fun see you soon

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Episode 38, Season Two

Welcome back to In and Out of the Boat Shop.  Yes, it has been a few weeks since the last show,.  I have been on the road for work five times in the last six weeks, it is all good.  So a busy start to the new year.

Episode 38 Still

Paul training while my buddy Doug Jensen films me.

So between a few clients edits, I was able to film the narrative in the shop for this episode and finish the edit.  Thank you for your patients. This show is a request from a few of the shows followers.  When I receive that type of input, I am happy to oblige.

So sit back and enjoy some great footage, as I go over how last seasons upgrades, and changes worked and did not work.  Link to Episode 38

Launching date is three months away and I have an ambitious winter work/show schedule, so stay tuned.

Paul Cronin Studios is in the process of searching for sponsors for the show.  If you are interested or know of a company that would be interested please let me know.

Have Fun and hopefully all of you are enjoying some fun time on the water.

Cheers, Paul

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Drone Winter Demo

Hope all of you are staying warm.  I have been out in the winter weather working the drone over the holidays, and put a few clips together for a short demo reel.

Drone reel one small

Opening shot of the demo reel on a 5 degree day.

These clips were taken in late December and early Jan when the air and water temp dropped rapidly.  The clips with ice were taken when the air temp was 5 degrees and the water temp was 28 degrees.  In contrast the other two clips I did not need gloves or hat.  Ah New England, you have to love it.

So sit back and enjoy the short demo of our changing winter conditions.

This week I am filming the next In and OUT of the Boat Shop episode, before I fly out for a commercial shoot.  So stay tuned in.

Have Fun and I will see you soon.


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