World Champions

Carol Kim one

Carol and Kim after awards

There are defining moments in life and this past week was one of those special moments. I had the honor to coach, and see my two favorite sailors win the Snipe Women’s World Championship. Carol Cronin and Kim Couranz who have been together as a team in the Snipe for eight years. Prior to that I also had the honor of coaching them in the Yngling.

Carol and Kim personify to me what it means to not only be World Champions, but also great teammates and knowing how to have fun every day. There are so many aspects of what it takes to win Worlds, but few have all the pieces. Great sailors yes, but so many qualities beyond great sailing. Perfect boat, fitness at the highest level, proper fuel, how to set up your boat, helping others, learning from the lows, doing something toward your goal every day, and of course “No Drama LLAMA”. That is only touching the surface, and why a World Championship is so special, and few achieve it.

Since you are reading my blog you are most likely a sailor and maybe even a racer. So you will appreciate that Carol and Kim were the only team out of the 32 teams that had all single digit scores, dropping a 7th.

Scoreline: 4,3,2,3,4,4,(7),4,3 27 pts. That is how you win a worlds. Sure winning races makes a huge difference in scores but not if your next race is a double-digit score.

On the second day of the regatta, fourth race they rounded the first mark in 17th and finished that race in 4th. After the race I told them it was the best race they sailed so far, both gave me the look. But if you think about it for two seconds it makes perfect sense. They saved 13 points by staying in the moment, and fighting back to fourth in a world’s fleet. That is what champions do.

The Snipe is a crew driven boat, and Kim Couranz is a super crew. smart, very fit, excellent with fuel, always two steps ahead, fun, knows how to tune a boat, fierce competitor, oh yea and a World Champion.

And Carol, well I have watched Carol race for a very long time, and raced with her for years. Cool when it hits the fan, fast, knows how to tune a boat, fierce competitor, always keeps it all in perspective, oh yea and a World Champion.

What a life special moment for me to see them win. Thank you ladies for letting me be a part of it.

Carol Kim Paul

Special moment with the World Champions

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Offshore 160 Singlehanded Race


Bill Shea Photography captures this great show of Kincora, Kristianna, and Spadefoot starting. Thank you Bill

This was my first Offshore 160 out of Newport Yacht Club.  The race is a qualifier for the Bermuda 1-2 and the longest single-handed race in New England.  Twenty Two boats signed up and were divided into three classes.  Kincora was the slow rated boat in class one, with the Class 40 First Light (Sam Fitzgerald) being scratch boat at -6, Kincora is 108 so a huge spread.  The race had a lot of talent with multiple Bermuda 1-2 veterans and past winners.

First time sailors in our class were Kristianna, Olson 30 (John Manderson), my trekking buddy, Spadefoot, Randall Saunders (Schumacher 28), Alchemy, J/121 (David Southwell, and Dune Buggy, Nick Bracket (Pacer 310 Sprint) rounded out the class.  So a lot of great sailors and boats to make for a competitive race.

We started at noon on Friday 13 July with SE 6-9 kts of wind off Goat Island.  Right away Samba and First Light took off with great starts in max current.  I stayed hight thinking I would use my Code 0 which was hoisted and ready to unfurl.  Well it worked for 1 mile then the Castle Hill header, which I knew would come, so fast furl and lost but a minute or two.  Then I settled in for the 60 mile beat on port tack.  We went East of Block Island with the option to go either side.

A great beat with Kincora going well and finding a few new modes with a fleet to gauge by.  Wind was 10-15 kts true and a fetch if you kept in the right mode at times hard on the wind, and most times 1-3 degrees off.

Rounded our weather mark which was 23.3 miles SW of Block Island, at 08:54 just behind Samba, Breakaway, in my class.  I still had all of my class in sight and a few bigger boats from Class two had come up.  Seagate, Hanse 400 with Michael Dimelta went trucking by to leeward, thanks Mike for not rolling me to weather.  Also Meridian, Tartan 4600, Murry Beach rounded with Samba and Breakaway.  Murry also went West of Block Island and made it work.

Then we were off on a 63 mile tight reach to the mark off Gay Head.  I set the Code 0 and Kincora was happy, till 02:00 when the wind started to die.  Just East of the Block Island Wind Farm I had down to 3 kts of wind and 60 degree shifts.  With the wind back beyond 90 app I went with the A5.  Sure an A1.5 would have been great, but my only A-sail is an A5.  Jibed on a 60 degree lift and jibed back about 45 min later.

Just before sunrise it went very light and aft so I went with my very old masthead runner, get the theme.  This worked for about 45 min then back to Code 0.  At sunrise it settled in a bit at 80 app and 6 kts of wind, ok for the Code 0.  Took three 7 min naps in cockpit about hour after sunrise and could still see the class up ahead.

Coming to the mark about 4 miles out I was knocked till it would be close to fetch.  With only 103% jib I kept the Code 0 going which meant an extra knot of boat speed.  I can carry it to 40 app in that breeze which I was doing.  3/4 mi from the mark the knock increased and up went the jib and down came the Code 0.  Now I had 3 kts of wind and current against me for a short time so big loss (15 min) not fetching.  Four tacks and then finally around.

I set the old (ugh) MH runner and crept away from the mark with Meridian, Tartan 4600, Murry Beach who I had just passed an hour prior.   Murry was carrying a jib and fetched, nice job, and won class two.  Murry was my guiding light ahead all night.

The first part of the final 18 mi leg was very light, but it was obvious there was going to be a Southerly breeze with the gradient direction and heat.  So I kept moving and trying to stay low and not sail extra distance.  The class one group ahead of me were all using A-sails so I had a chance to make up some of my loss time at the mark sailing less distance.  As the leg went on the breeze slowly came on, and with ten miles left I was on the edge of planning at the mark.  And the last 5 miles I was going well in 15-17 kts true wind and tight for the MH, but no time for change.

Finish time 12:03 and second in class one by one minute to Samba.  Nice race Tristan.

I brought along my video gear and still camera, but to be competitive I had to hand steer 95% of the race.  Kincora is tweaky and needs the attention to stay in the game, and that was my plan from the start.  Trekking footagae and In and Out of the Boat Shop episode coming.

I learned a ton of new modes and have better crossovers. Also knowing now the sails I am missing to fill the range.

Thanks to Newport Yacht Club, Roy Gauy, all the volunteers, and of course the sailors who make this a great event.   One week we do it again in the Solo/Twin.  Only a few signed up for solo, come on guys lets build the solo fleet.


Scratch sheet


Pictures from the start



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Wonderful Wickford Art Festival

The weekend weather was perfect.  The crowds were big, smiles big, and everyone was enjoying the wonderful art festival.


Paul in tent snacking before show. Thank you Carol for the pic

I had a fantastic spot (#144) right next to my friend and neighbor, Jillian Barber.  If you have not visited Jillian’s site you must take a look.  And when ever possible go in person to see he work.

On August 11 we will both be part of the Open Studio Tours in Jamestown, which is run by the Jamestown Alliance for Artist Sustainability.  So mark the date from 10am-4pm and come visit both Paul Cronin Studios and Jillian Barber Studios at the same stop since we are neighbors.  I will post more on this soon once the map and artist are listed.

It was nice to meet all the knowledgable art lovers at the Festival this weekend.  And a special thank you goes out to the happy new owners of my framed canvas fine art photographs, and the group of people who purchased 16×20 foam back photographs from my bin.  I enjoyed talking with everyone and sharing the great weekend.

This week is all about Kincora and the 160 race that starts on Friday.  I will be filming when I can during the race, and also have another episode in the edit bay.  So In and OUT of the Boat Shop had to take a back seat to the growing Photography aspect of my business, but the show will come on strong for the rest of the summer.

Have fun and see you soon,


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Paul in the Jamestown Press

Sunrise summer paddle-6169

Sunrise Summer Paddle

There is a lot going on at Paul Cronin Studios. This week I made the Jamestown Press our local paper.  Couple of weeks ago when my show started at the Jamestown Library for my fine art prints, I was interviewed for the story.  Nice to be recognized for my work and to feel so much support from our local community.

You can check out the story here.

Also note on your calendar, July 7th and 8th.  I will have a tent display at the Wickford Art Festival.  The Festival is down town Wickford, Rhode Island just over the bridge from Jamestown and shuts down the streets of the town.  Close to 200 artist display original work at this judged show.  I feel honored to be among the artist to be selected and will have my own 10’x10′ tent.  Stop by and visit to say hi.

I will have my framed fine art photography on display, along with a bin full of 16″x20″ photos signed and numbered original prints.  These will be on foam backing in fitted bags.  So something for everyone.

Set for one of my shows-2773

Set for one of my In and OUT of the Boat Shop shows.

And to all my loyal followers of the In and OUT of the Boat Shop show, I am working on the next Episode.  So a lot going at on our island as summer is now in full swing.

Remember, Have Fun Every Day!, Paul

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Jamestown Library Show

Paul Library One-124510

Just finished hanging the show with Jillian.

Fun times having my first private show.  Today with the help of my neighbor Jillian Barber, one of the top artist in the area, we hung the show at the Jamestown, Library.  This show is run by the Conanicut Island Art Association, which I am a member.  Great group of artist, actively supporting the local artist.

The show runs from today 4 June, till 4th of July.  Enter the library and both sides of the main hall you will have the opportunity to enjoy 18 of my framed prints.  There is a range of work from Ireland, Jamestown, Colorado, California, Puerto Rico, Maine, and on the ocean.

Paul Library two-1

Signing the Rocky Mountain Bark canvas print.

This is the first time all eighteen of these prints have been printed.  All are limited editions, one out of a hundred, and signed.  Five of them are canvas prints, with the rest matted prints with museum glass.  The prints are of the highest quality materials and will last their owners life times of enjoyment.

If you are in the Jamestown area and would like to see some of my work, please give the Jamestown Library a visit.  You can also go to Fuller Gallery for different prints on display, and town hall for three more (one winning and award) on display.

For July I will have a tent at the Wickford Art Festival, July 7-8.  This is a judged show to get in, so all the work is of top quality.  More on the festival soon.

All print are for sale at all location or feel free to contact me.  Different sizes and prints only are available.  Some prints are offered in canvas and matted print.  Go to the PRINTS FOR SALE page on my site.  Just click on the print and you can find more information.

Thank you to all the people who have help this new venture happen.

See you soon, Paul

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Framed Prints, Galleries & Shows


Paul capturing the moment in Ireland, May 2018

Well the exciting news I mentioned in the last blog is here.  I am expanding my business  back into selling framed prints.  Thirty five years ago I sold framed prints, then sailing, and video slowly pulled me away.  I never stopped taking stills and never will, it is a life long passion, and something I started at a very early age.

A local friend Sherry who works at out bank is the spark plug for this move.  I helped Sherry with her camera menus, and developing RAW shots so she did not have to pay big fees to local photographers for a class.  While looking at her prints on my edit system we looked through some of my files.  We came to my Christmas Full Moon shot below and Sherry stopped and said, “I want a framed print.”  And then she talked to Fuller Gallery in jamestown and the Conanicut Island Art Association promoting my work, and off it went.


Christmas Full Moon

Friday night I had a private showing of the first eight framed prints/canvas at our house for 16 special guest.  It was a great evening and everyone enjoyed it.  A lot of hard work goes into an event like this, and I need to thank Liz Baylis and her husband Todd Hedin for their help, and bar tending.  And to all the guest who helped make it a special night.  And my loving thanks goes to my wife Carol who is always supportive, and put in a lot of hard work to help make this happen.

Show one-1180

First eight prints shown on Friday

Next showing is the Jamestown Library front hall exhibit for the month of June (16 images), Jamestown Town Hall (three Images of Jamestown) will have prints for the summer show, and Slice of Heaven in Jamestown will have three prints. Also Fuller Gallery in Jamestown now has two prints.  So 24 prints out for sale in the first few weeks of jumping in.  What a fun adventure.


Capturing the moment in Ireland, May 2018

All these prints are matted framed prints or canvas prints with floater frames of the highest quality.  I am lucky to have the best printer in the area print my work, Chris Clancy, Gordon Ink.  And for framing I use two businesses, Tory at Fuller Gallery, and Crestar.

You will find all 24 prints, with pricing in the new gallery sections on my site coming next week.  If you would like a print, just contact me and we can ship it to you.  I will sell framed prints and unframed prints.  Or you can visit one of the display locations in Jamestown and see the 24 prints on display.

This is a fun and exciting aspect of my business that I am happy to bring back.

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Episode 40 Winter Overview

Episode 40-40

Fun memories from 2017

Spring has finally sprung in Rhode Island.  Warmer days, water temp is up to 47 F, which sounds cold but feels warm after paddling in 30 F in January.

Kincora did not have a long list this winter, which worked out well since I have added a few new aspects to my business.  More on that in the next blog post.

This summer will be an active one with a lot of fun miles planned on Kincora.  Two races signed up for are the 160 miler which is a big single handed race out of Newport, then a week later the Solo/twin which I will do solo again this year.  After that a fun trek to Maine with John. Then cruising for a couple of weeks in Maine before heading back to RI the end of Aug.    There are a few other races that I might even do double handed.

A few jobs I did not put in the video were servicing the winches, adding a new LMR 240 coax wire and Ultra Whip VHF antenna in the mast.  New halyards, and a couple of new sheets.  So the lady is ready for launch the second week in May

Enjoy Episode 40 and I will see you soon.

Cheers Paul

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