SpaceX Rocket Launch

I had a very cool trip to Titusville, FL to visit some friends to film together, and have warm weather fun, with some Shuffleboard.  We were both running in overdrive and after a few emails decided we needed a break from our screens.  So I flew down with my Sony FS7 and support gear for a four-day break.

Doug & Paul SpaceX

Special Thanks to Sally Dewey from Vortex Media for grabbing this perfectly timed shot of Doug and Paul filming the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch.

The plan was film the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch, which was delayed one day, no problem.  We missed the Falcon Heavy due to commitments, but the Falcon 9 was very cool.  Filming ten miles away I used a Red 300mm lens with the FS7.  My friend Doug Jensen used his Sony F55 with Canon 200-400, F4 zoom with 1.4x extender, what a beast of a camera.  Having owned the F55 it is an amazing piece of gear, and that lens, wow.

Doug tuning up

Shot of Doug tuning up his F55 and on top a Sony Z90.

The conditions were perfect with great light just before sunset, at a secret spot with no crowds.  Couple of frame grabs here and stock footage available upon request.

Falcon 9 frame grab two

Doug set us up perfectly with SpaceX right along side the huge NASA building. Building 6 miles away, rocket 10 miles away.

Falcon 9 frame grab two-2

Luckily I shoot 4K SLOG so I always grab max latitude from the sensor. First launch for me but not the last. Now I need 1000mm PL lens.

Here is my setup for the launch and a couple of days of stock shooting.   Great gear.

Paul's FS7 with Red 300mm PL lens

FS7 on Sachtler FSB-8 head (just enough), and Red PL 300mm lens.

Very cool shoot, and a great four days with friends.  Will be posting clips soon when I have sent stock.

Have fun see you soon

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Episode 38, Season Two

Welcome back to In and Out of the Boat Shop.  Yes, it has been a few weeks since the last show,.  I have been on the road for work five times in the last six weeks, it is all good.  So a busy start to the new year.

Episode 38 Still

Paul training while my buddy Doug Jensen films me.

So between a few clients edits, I was able to film the narrative in the shop for this episode and finish the edit.  Thank you for your patients. This show is a request from a few of the shows followers.  When I receive that type of input, I am happy to oblige.

So sit back and enjoy some great footage, as I go over how last seasons upgrades, and changes worked and did not work.  Link to Episode 38

Launching date is three months away and I have an ambitious winter work/show schedule, so stay tuned.

Paul Cronin Studios is in the process of searching for sponsors for the show.  If you are interested or know of a company that would be interested please let me know.

Have Fun and hopefully all of you are enjoying some fun time on the water.

Cheers, Paul

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Drone Winter Demo

Hope all of you are staying warm.  I have been out in the winter weather working the drone over the holidays, and put a few clips together for a short demo reel.

Drone reel one small

Opening shot of the demo reel on a 5 degree day.

These clips were taken in late December and early Jan when the air and water temp dropped rapidly.  The clips with ice were taken when the air temp was 5 degrees and the water temp was 28 degrees.  In contrast the other two clips I did not need gloves or hat.  Ah New England, you have to love it.

So sit back and enjoy the short demo of our changing winter conditions.

This week I am filming the next In and OUT of the Boat Shop episode, before I fly out for a commercial shoot.  So stay tuned in.

Have Fun and I will see you soon.


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Fun How To Videos

A laugh with Zuzanna (1 of 1)

Paul filming Zuzanna with FS7 at Miami Boat Show

Wow, we have had some bitter cold conditions in Rhode Island.  Today we actually have clear and temps 50 deg F, very nice feels like spring, but New Englanders do not get fooled that easily.

Next shot (1 of 1)

Paul setting up for the shot with Lenny checking script, 2012, Bayliner. Camera Sony PMW-500

I have just added some fun and informative How To videos I shot last year for one of my clients.  We have put the band back together with my long time on camera buddy Lenny Rudow back in the team.  We have a blast shooting together and have over 500 video productions as a team.  Our friend and producer who we hope to work with again soon, John Burnham had a fun comment after I came back from a three week EU tour filming with Lenny.  “You guys are finishing each others sentences like a married couple.”  Funny, but true, so hopefully that comes through as I film and edit our productions.

Another person who I just started filming in 2017 and I call him a diamond in the rough is Charles Fort, one of the editors at BoatUS Magazine.  Charles is a natural on camera, which believe me not many are.  We have fun while filming and his work shines.  Exciting as I will have both Lenny and Charles on camera together in two weeks.

So check out the newly posted videos and as always if you have any question drop me a line.

You can go to the Collection on my Vimeo Channel for HOW TO VIDEOS.  The first five videos I posted are the new ones with Lenny and Charles.

Have Fun Every Day!

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Old and new, exciting times

What a great time of year, it makes me smile at the past, and get excited like a kid in a candy store for the coming year.  This past year has had so many great memories.


Sunset Newyears blog

Sun setting on 2017, Cuttyhunk

In and OUT of the Boat Shop is growing and gaining more support each month.  Thank you for following and supporting my show.  With 36 episodes so far I have learned a ton filming while being on camera, with at times up to four cameras running.   All while sailing shorthanded or doing projects in the shop.  I look forward to a fun year with Kincora and the show.

Kincora Newyears blog

Kincora sailing into 2018

My commercial filming is also growing with new clients, and documentary projects in the works.  This year was a growing list of How To videos, and a range of editorial shorts.  Some technical and some just for pure entertainment.  I am in the early stages on two documentaries. These are longer term projects that are very exciting.

PGC Newyears blog

Paul getting close filming with FS7

Drone filming has been added to my tool kit.  I am now on my third drone.  Two years ago I purchased my first drone the AirDog.  This was a nice tool but still early in its development.  Earlier this year I added the Splash drone 3, which I though would fit my business well-being waterproof.  It is a great flying drone, but camera bugs made me move on.  So now I am with the DJI and have a Phantom 4 Pro with my sights set on an Inspire 2 with 5.7K camera.  In October I aced my FAA Part 107 commercial drone test, and now am a licensed, insured drone pilot.

PGC steak Newyears blog

Steak and patatoes, thanks John

2017 I continued my ongoing passion for education, and now use Davinci Resolve 14.2 Studio as my color grading for my SLOG and RAW footage.  As an additional editing tool along to my Premier Pro CC 2017 full suite.  Along with a half a dozen third party software packages that I use.  With all software I make sure to constantly be updating my knowledge, through on-line and in class room courses.  I love the never-ending learning process.

So bye to a wonderful 2017, and time to be excited for 2018.  Wishing all of you a Very Happy 2018 New Years.


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Episode 36, Happy Holidays

Episode 36 still

Paul on Kincora at sunrise, by Carol Cronin

Ah December, I love the holidays and the excitement for the new year.  I know it is only numbers on a calendar, but a restart and the exciting adventures ahead make it a fun time.

This time last year, the In and OUT of the Boat Shop, Vimeo show was only an idea.  Now a year, and 36 episodes later, it has a great following and continues to grow.

I am ready for another fun year expanding my commercial work, and keeping In and OUT of the Boat Shop rolling along with Kiincora and beyond.

This episode is a little treat I put together going through the sailing clips for the past season.  Sit back and enjoy the fun ride with a little Christmas Cheer.

Happy Holidays to all

Paul Cronin Studios

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Episode 35 Single Line Reefing

Hope all of you are enjoying the holiday season.

Episode 35 Still

Reefing Kincora

This is a requested video for the show.  I have had a couple of followers ask about my reefing system.  For the last 25 years plus, I have used single line reefing on all of my boats.  If you rig the system properly and make sure all the leads are right, reefing becomes an easy task.

The biggest boat I have used this on is 35′. I tried to change the Class 40 I raced on to switch but most are happy with two line reefing, which is great if that works for them.  For me I reef often and want it to be quick in and out.  So single line reefing is my preferred method.

With the Express 27 I went from full main to two reefs in quickly building breeze.  And the Express 27 is tender, so fast and easy made it no problem once the wind was over 30 kts true in the squall.   I would not rule out single line reefing if you are thinking about updating your system.

Check out this episode and let me know how you reef, and what you think of my system.

Have fun, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Blog, and follow the In and Out of the Boat Shop channel.  Link to this episode.

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