Ram Trucks Boat Towing Shoot

Lenny and Paul

A shot that just makes me smile. Picture taken by another great producer, John Burnham.

We did six videos for Ram Trucks while working for boats.com.  This shoot was a blast, and we beat budget.  Two of my favorite people to work with on a shoot were part of the team.  Lenny Rudow who I have filmed in over 450 productions, is a great friend, fantastic on-screen talent, produces faster content writing then anyone I know, and makes me laugh.

Lenny and Carol

Carol and Lenny at a shoot in Canada, all smiles.  After just shooting a month with Lenny in France and UK.

Lenny and Paul Laugh

Carol capturing the goof balls having a good laugh after finishing a boat video.

Nice when it is this much fun. And my favorite producer, Carol Cronin.  Carol just gets it when it comes to video productions.  She lets us roll and keeps us on track at the same time, a true talent.  And will hear and see what most will just miss.  Besides being the best writer I know, and my wife..

Carol on screen

Carol is also a great on screen talent.

My dream team.

PCS filmed, directed, and edited the production.  Enjoy the video

See you soon, Paul

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