Wonderful Wickford Art Festival

The weekend weather was perfect.  The crowds were big, smiles big, and everyone was enjoying the wonderful art festival.


Paul in tent snacking before show. Thank you Carol for the pic

I had a fantastic spot (#144) right next to my friend and neighbor, Jillian Barber.  If you have not visited Jillian’s site you must take a look.  And when ever possible go in person to see he work.

On August 11 we will both be part of the Open Studio Tours in Jamestown, which is run by the Jamestown Alliance for Artist Sustainability.  So mark the date from 10am-4pm and come visit both Paul Cronin Studios and Jillian Barber Studios at the same stop since we are neighbors.  I will post more on this soon once the map and artist are listed.

It was nice to meet all the knowledgable art lovers at the Festival this weekend.  And a special thank you goes out to the happy new owners of my framed canvas fine art photographs, and the group of people who purchased 16×20 foam back photographs from my bin.  I enjoyed talking with everyone and sharing the great weekend.

This week is all about Kincora and the 160 race that starts on Friday.  I will be filming when I can during the race, and also have another episode in the edit bay.  So In and OUT of the Boat Shop had to take a back seat to the growing Photography aspect of my business, but the show will come on strong for the rest of the summer.

Have fun and see you soon,


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