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Paul capturing the moment in Ireland, May 2018

Well the exciting news I mentioned in the last blog is here.  I am expanding my business  back into selling framed prints.  Thirty five years ago I sold framed prints, then sailing, and video slowly pulled me away.  I never stopped taking stills and never will, it is a life long passion, and something I started at a very early age.

A local friend Sherry who works at out bank is the spark plug for this move.  I helped Sherry with her camera menus, and developing RAW shots so she did not have to pay big fees to local photographers for a class.  While looking at her prints on my edit system we looked through some of my files.  We came to my Christmas Full Moon shot below and Sherry stopped and said, “I want a framed print.”  And then she talked to Fuller Gallery in jamestown and the Conanicut Island Art Association promoting my work, and off it went.


Christmas Full Moon

Friday night I had a private showing of the first eight framed prints/canvas at our house for 16 special guest.  It was a great evening and everyone enjoyed it.  A lot of hard work goes into an event like this, and I need to thank Liz Baylis and her husband Todd Hedin for their help, and bar tending.  And to all the guest who helped make it a special night.  And my loving thanks goes to my wife Carol who is always supportive, and put in a lot of hard work to help make this happen.

Show one-1180

First eight prints shown on Friday

Next showing is the Jamestown Library front hall exhibit for the month of June (16 images), Jamestown Town Hall (three Images of Jamestown) will have prints for the summer show, and Slice of Heaven in Jamestown will have three prints. Also Fuller Gallery in Jamestown now has two prints.  So 24 prints out for sale in the first few weeks of jumping in.  What a fun adventure.


Capturing the moment in Ireland, May 2018

All these prints are matted framed prints or canvas prints with floater frames of the highest quality.  I am lucky to have the best printer in the area print my work, Chris Clancy, Gordon Ink.  And for framing I use two businesses, Tory at Fuller Gallery, and Crestar.

You will find all 24 prints, with pricing in the new gallery sections on my site coming next week.  If you would like a print, just contact me and we can ship it to you.  I will sell framed prints and unframed prints.  Or you can visit one of the display locations in Jamestown and see the 24 prints on display.

This is a fun and exciting aspect of my business that I am happy to bring back.

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