Episode 40 Winter Overview

Episode 40-40

Fun memories from 2017

Spring has finally sprung in Rhode Island.  Warmer days, water temp is up to 47 F, which sounds cold but feels warm after paddling in 30 F in January.

Kincora did not have a long list this winter, which worked out well since I have added a few new aspects to my business.  More on that in the next blog post.

This summer will be an active one with a lot of fun miles planned on Kincora.  Two races signed up for are the 160 miler which is a big single handed race out of Newport, then a week later the Solo/twin which I will do solo again this year.  After that a fun trek to Maine with John. Then cruising for a couple of weeks in Maine before heading back to RI the end of Aug.    There are a few other races that I might even do double handed.

A few jobs I did not put in the video were servicing the winches, adding a new LMR 240 coax wire and Ultra Whip VHF antenna in the mast.  New halyards, and a couple of new sheets.  So the lady is ready for launch the second week in May

Enjoy Episode 40 and I will see you soon.

Cheers Paul

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