How I choose my singlehanded boats, episode 39

Episode 39

Kincora when she was Little Bird during her survey in Toronto, CA.

Welcome to Episode 39

How I choose my single-handed boats

This episode is a request and a great subject.  Having owned a very wide variety of singlehanded boats over the last 40 years, I have narrowed down my requirements.  And of course over the years it is always changing.

Throughout this show I will show my major bullet points for the features that matter to me so I can go fast, and have a blast sailing singlehanded. This is a little longer show then most of the shows since there is so much to cover. Close to 150 sailing clips giving great examples with some of the boats I have owned.

If you would like any one of these bullet points as their own episode, just ask. There is so much information to cover I could go on for a season.

So if you are interested in shorthanded sailing, have a boat, want a boat, or are modifying a boat, check out this video, and hopefully it will help you enjoy the experience.

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And if you would like to sponsor this series or know of a business that might please let me know.

Enjoy episode 39, How I Choose my Singlehanded Boats

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