SpaceX Rocket Launch

I had a very cool trip to Titusville, FL to visit some friends to film together, and have warm weather fun, with some Shuffleboard.  We were both running in overdrive and after a few emails decided we needed a break from our screens.  So I flew down with my Sony FS7 and support gear for a four-day break.

Doug & Paul SpaceX

Special Thanks to Sally Dewey from Vortex Media for grabbing this perfectly timed shot of Doug and Paul filming the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch.

The plan was film the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch, which was delayed one day, no problem.  We missed the Falcon Heavy due to commitments, but the Falcon 9 was very cool.  Filming ten miles away I used a Red 300mm lens with the FS7.  My friend Doug Jensen used his Sony F55 with Canon 200-400, F4 zoom with 1.4x extender, what a beast of a camera.  Having owned the F55 it is an amazing piece of gear, and that lens, wow.

Doug tuning up

Shot of Doug tuning up his F55 and on top a Sony Z90.

The conditions were perfect with great light just before sunset, at a secret spot with no crowds.  Couple of frame grabs here and stock footage available upon request.

Falcon 9 frame grab two

Doug set us up perfectly with SpaceX right along side the huge NASA building. Building 6 miles away, rocket 10 miles away.

Falcon 9 frame grab two-2

Luckily I shoot 4K SLOG so I always grab max latitude from the sensor. First launch for me but not the last. Now I need 1000mm PL lens.

Here is my setup for the launch and a couple of days of stock shooting.   Great gear.

Paul's FS7 with Red 300mm PL lens

FS7 on Sachtler FSB-8 head (just enough), and Red PL 300mm lens.

Very cool shoot, and a great four days with friends.  Will be posting clips soon when I have sent stock.

Have fun see you soon

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