Old and new, exciting times

What a great time of year, it makes me smile at the past, and get excited like a kid in a candy store for the coming year.  This past year has had so many great memories.


Sunset Newyears blog

Sun setting on 2017, Cuttyhunk

In and OUT of the Boat Shop is growing and gaining more support each month.  Thank you for following and supporting my show.  With 36 episodes so far I have learned a ton filming while being on camera, with at times up to four cameras running.   All while sailing shorthanded or doing projects in the shop.  I look forward to a fun year with Kincora and the show.

Kincora Newyears blog

Kincora sailing into 2018

My commercial filming is also growing with new clients, and documentary projects in the works.  This year was a growing list of How To videos, and a range of editorial shorts.  Some technical and some just for pure entertainment.  I am in the early stages on two documentaries. These are longer term projects that are very exciting.

PGC Newyears blog

Paul getting close filming with FS7

Drone filming has been added to my tool kit.  I am now on my third drone.  Two years ago I purchased my first drone the AirDog.  This was a nice tool but still early in its development.  Earlier this year I added the Splash drone 3, which I though would fit my business well-being waterproof.  It is a great flying drone, but camera bugs made me move on.  So now I am with the DJI and have a Phantom 4 Pro with my sights set on an Inspire 2 with 5.7K camera.  In October I aced my FAA Part 107 commercial drone test, and now am a licensed, insured drone pilot.

PGC steak Newyears blog

Steak and patatoes, thanks John

2017 I continued my ongoing passion for education, and now use Davinci Resolve 14.2 Studio as my color grading for my SLOG and RAW footage.  As an additional editing tool along to my Premier Pro CC 2017 full suite.  Along with a half a dozen third party software packages that I use.  With all software I make sure to constantly be updating my knowledge, through on-line and in class room courses.  I love the never-ending learning process.

So bye to a wonderful 2017, and time to be excited for 2018.  Wishing all of you a Very Happy 2018 New Years.


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