Episode 35 Single Line Reefing

Hope all of you are enjoying the holiday season.

Episode 35 Still

Reefing Kincora

This is a requested video for the show.  I have had a couple of followers ask about my reefing system.  For the last 25 years plus, I have used single line reefing on all of my boats.  If you rig the system properly and make sure all the leads are right, reefing becomes an easy task.

The biggest boat I have used this on is 35′. I tried to change the Class 40 I raced on to switch but most are happy with two line reefing, which is great if that works for them.  For me I reef often and want it to be quick in and out.  So single line reefing is my preferred method.

With the Express 27 I went from full main to two reefs in quickly building breeze.  And the Express 27 is tender, so fast and easy made it no problem once the wind was over 30 kts true in the squall.   I would not rule out single line reefing if you are thinking about updating your system.

Check out this episode and let me know how you reef, and what you think of my system.

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