Episode 34, Slow your boat swinging on the mooring

Kincora Hose Mooring

Kincora pulling hard on her mooring during Hose this year.

Welcome to Fall in New England, it has been a very warm October.  Well that is an understatement, the warmest on record, funny how that keeps happening with some of the warmest months on record every year.

Kincora is out and in her shop and I am a bit behind on the shows.  Commercial work has kept me pretty busy the last two months.  But this week I have another show for you.

Throughout this season I worked on reducing the swinging problem Kincora has while on the mooring, and at anchor.  Most light displacement boats with high aspect foils will have this problem.  There are a number of commercial solutions, and I bet some of them are great.  But for me I like to use what I own and not just be a consumer.  So watch the video and see how I reduce the problem, with material you already own.

Thank you to the followers, and some who have asked for specific shows.  Those requested show will be coming in the next few months.  Follow me on the In and OUT of the Boat Shop, Vimeo channel.  And click on the top right while reading the blog to follow.

The blog  leads to the shows, and has other fun topics throughout the year.

See you soon, Paul

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