UBI FR125 Furler & Doyle Code 0, Episode 30

Episode 30 still final

Perfect Code 0 conditions on Knicora

Wow, hard to believe this weekend is Labor Day Holiday.   Summer has flown by as usual.  Hope you had a lot of time on the water sailing.  We still have a few great months in Southern New England to get out and trek some miles, with less crowds.

Kincora has been putting on the miles, with more trips planned.  Really is a great boat, well built, well designed, and pretty well rigged.

This episode is a while coming since it was important for me to put miles on the furler, and Code 0, before I felt ready to film the video.  With our light summer winds this year the Code 0, and furler have put in the hours.

In this video, I go over how to use the FR125 furler, how it matches my Code 0. Then take you through the unfurling/furling process.  So sit back enjoy the ride and hopefully this will help you dial in your system, choose a system, or come up with your own ideas.  If you want to see in more detail my drum and furling line setup, view, Episode 27.

Episode 30, UBI FR125 furler & Doyle Code 0

Thank you to the loyal people who are following my In and OUT of the Boat Shop, channel.  And to the readers who have signed up for my blog.

Enjoy the rest of summer or last spring down under.


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