B&G Triton 2 and Zuse 3 setup, Episode 29

Episode 29 still final

Cockpit layout working well, with the instruments at my finger tips

I hope you are all enjoying the dog days of summer in the northern hemisphere, and getting ready for your season down under.

This past week I had one of my followers from In and Out of The Boat Shop, Vimeo channel send a very nice message.  Duncan Hayward from Australia, asked if I would show how I am setting up my instrument readouts, for shorthanded sailing.  Great video idea Duncan.

I dove in the next day and recorded the footage on the mooring, spicing up the video with a few sailing shots and hopefully answered Duncan’s question.  If not leave comments and I will be sure to answer any questions.

I have only four months with this instrument package, and am learning all the time.  I can say the Triton 2 readouts are excellent.  And the Zuse 3 is a nice chartplotter, but still needs to get Predict Wind working.

Sit back an dive into the video at this LINK.

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See you soon

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2 Responses to B&G Triton 2 and Zuse 3 setup, Episode 29

  1. dvhx says:

    Paul – thanks for the video. I watched it again this evening. I’ve now installed 2 x Triton displays, + wind, paddle wheel, depth, and GPS. Saving up for either a Vulcan or Zeus! Would never have found the tide function if it hadn’t been for your video! Came in very handy recently. Many thanks, Duncan.


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