Solo/Twin Race 2017, Episode 28

Episode 28 Solo Twin still

Sunset on Solo Twin race

This week was the solo/twin race out of Newport Yacht Club.  The race is run every year for single handed, double handed, spinnaker and canvas.  There is also a multihull course.  Great race and great group of sailors.  Roy Guay and his team at Newport Yacht club do a fantastic job with the race.  They also run the Bermuda 1-2, and The 160 which is a qualifier for the Bermuda 1-2.

With my late start this Spring due to workload this is my first race.  Of course if there is a solo class that is what I am sailing.   Feeling like I am just starting to get the boat up to about 80% of her speed potential, this was a great race to learn a lot more about the boat, and just have fun.

The course was shortened on Thursday night prior to the start on Friday due to a NE blow coming, early Saturday well into Sunday.  After I finished and went back around Beavertail and up to Dutch Harbor, the breeze started.  Along with some very ominous clouds when entering Dutch Harbor at 03:30.

We had a light South breeze at the start and enough to sail out the bay and upwind to the MOA 9 miles South of Narragansett Bay.  At that port rounding we bore off to a tight reach to Gay Head off the Vineyartd.  Then almost reciprocal course to a mark 3.3 mi South of Pt. Judith, then headed to Castle Hill light house to finish off a 120 degree bearing.

Most of the race there was nice light breeze to keep moving well enough.  But 3 mi from Pt Judith mark it went very light and started doing the East predicted shift.  I stayed with Code 0 and did not switch to masthead runner, Code 0 is fractional.  Still think about this move and not sure it was the right one.  But four jibes later in 1-3 kts of wind and I made it around the mark.  Then it was still light wind, until I did two steps upwind into the building NE wind.  Back on Starboard tack and I raced into the bay with a lot of the fleet in sight.

I was second boat in fleet to finish, first to finish in my class, and first on corrected time in my class.  So Kincora first race is a win.  Still feel there is a lot to learn and a long way to go till I am up to speed.  But a fun start and nice it was single handed.

Off to Maine for a little break.   Keep enjoying summer and see you soon.

Enjoy this short video I took while racing

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