Trogear Rigging Changes

Episode 27 sprit rigging

New end of pole rigging.

This week I am showing the changes made to the Trogear sprit rigging.  It has taken me a few renditions to dial in on what works well for me at this time.

I only run Code 0 and A-5 off the sprit at this time.  Still using the masthead symmetrical.  There are a few holes in my sailplan, but better to spend a summer learning the boat, and then fill the gaps next winter.

Each sail has its own tack setup on the pole.  The second loop I put on at the beginning of the season, is very short through the pole.  This works well for bobstay with Antal ring and the top is dyneema loop with three passes and then a dyneema chafe cover.

On the top of the pole I have a Equiplite snatch block with dyneema loop, the 2:1. line is eye spliced then cow hitched for the furler to the loop.  Then a separate loop with ring for the A-5 is run through the loop.  This keeps all the fittings low and light weight with only metal on the 2:1 fitting.

Check out the video to see the gear being used and how I set it up.

The Trogear Sprit has been rock solid.  And I like having the ability to move it out of the way while on two mooring pennants or anchoring.

Go out and enjoy summer it flies by, so grab it while its here.

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See you soon.


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    paulcronin446112133 posted: “This week I would like to show the changes that I made to the Trogear sprit rigging. It has taken me a few renditions to dial in on what works well for me at this time. I only run Code 0 and A-5 off this sprit at this time. Still using the masthead sym”


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