Leaving the Shop, Episode 23

Episode 23 out of shop

Kincora leaving the shop and ready for the season.

This week I have been on a tight schedule with new clients, but still have a fun video for you.  Before the video I discuss how my show is all about my opinions and want you to feel comfortable that I am not influenced by my sponsors.

Please if you ever have question about gear, how I install it, or short handed sailing questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Last weekend was the first two overnights on Kincora. We had great conditions between 8-23 kts true wind speed, with 45 miles of downwind (top speed 14.3 kts) and 45 miles of upwind.  So a good shakedown for the boat.  Look forward to taking you along and showing how the gear works and some of my short handed techniques.

This weeks video is a lead into the summer series.  A short time-lapse of Kincora leaving the shop.

Enjoy the video (LINK) and see you next week starting the summer, In and Out of the Boat Shop Series.

Thanks to Pleasant Street Wharf for taking such great care of Kincora while hauling her.

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