Buffing the Topsides, Episode 22

Episode 22 Buffing topsides

Ready to buff the topsides

This week is the last job in the shop before launching, buffing the topsides.  After I buff  and add teflon polish she is good for the summer, unless I haul and have time for another polish coat.

For buffing I use Aqua Buff and have always had great results with this product.   It is designed for gel coat and comes in 1000 grit to remove scratches and 2000 grit to bring out the shine.

Stay tuned for next week when the shows name will be, In and OUT of the Boat Shop, to better describe the summer season.

Congratulations to all the singlehanded sailors in the Bermuda 1-2.  They had a tough ride in the second half of the race, in small boats.  Great to see first time 1-2 skipper Paul Grimes, on his J35 Breakaway first in Class 2 and 5th to finish, congratulations Paul.

Enjoy this weeks video and sign up for the blog to follow the summer sailing/racing season.  And to receive the Vimeo updates subscribe to the In and OUT of the Boat Shop channel.

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