Archambault 31 Bottom Job, Episode 19

Episode 19 pt 1 bottom job

Starting first Pettit Protect coat

This week is part one of the two part bottom job.  I will go through my preparation process, and applying the two coats of Pettit Protect Barrier coats.  How it worked for me, some tricks I found, and what did not work.  Hopefully this will help you if you decide to do a full bottom job.

If you can hire someone to do your bottom, I suggest it.  I have done a few bottom on my own boats but do not do this full time.  This is an art form to really have it dialed in and get perfect bottoms.

The hours it takes to strip a bottom, de-wax the bottom, fair the bottom, barrier coat, and paint the bottom paint, is equal to the time it takes to sand it to a 2000 grit finish.  So be prepared to take the time and do it right.  And don’t cut corners on materials. This is why I chose to use Pettit Protect.

Follow me on my bottom job journey with the (link to the video).

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