Solo/Twin Race 2017, Episode 28

Episode 28 Solo Twin still

Sunset on Solo Twin race

This week was the solo/twin race out of Newport Yacht Club.  The race is run every year for single handed, double handed, spinnaker and canvas.  There is also a multihull course.  Great race and great group of sailors.  Roy Guay and his team at Newport Yacht club do a fantastic job with the race.  They also run the Bermuda 1-2, and The 160 which is a qualifier for the Bermuda 1-2.

With my late start this Spring due to workload this is my first race.  Of course if there is a solo class that is what I am sailing.   Feeling like I am just starting to get the boat up to about 80% of her speed potential, this was a great race to learn a lot more about the boat, and just have fun.

The course was shortened on Thursday night prior to the start on Friday due to a NE blow coming, early Saturday well into Sunday.  After I finished and went back around Beavertail and up to Dutch Harbor, the breeze started.  Along with some very ominous clouds when entering Dutch Harbor at 03:30.

We had a light South breeze at the start and enough to sail out the bay and upwind to the MOA 9 miles South of Narragansett Bay.  At that port rounding we bore off to a tight reach to Gay Head off the Vineyartd.  Then almost reciprocal course to a mark 3.3 mi South of Pt. Judith, then headed to Castle Hill light house to finish off a 120 degree bearing.

Most of the race there was nice light breeze to keep moving well enough.  But 3 mi from Pt Judith mark it went very light and started doing the East predicted shift.  I stayed with Code 0 and did not switch to masthead runner, Code 0 is fractional.  Still think about this move and not sure it was the right one.  But four jibes later in 1-3 kts of wind and I made it around the mark.  Then it was still light wind, until I did two steps upwind into the building NE wind.  Back on Starboard tack and I raced into the bay with a lot of the fleet in sight.

I was second boat in fleet to finish, first to finish in my class, and first on corrected time in my class.  So Kincora first race is a win.  Still feel there is a lot to learn and a long way to go till I am up to speed.  But a fun start and nice it was single handed.

Off to Maine for a little break.   Keep enjoying summer and see you soon.

Enjoy this short video I took while racing

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Trogear Rigging Changes

Episode 27 sprit rigging

New end of pole rigging.

This week I am showing the changes made to the Trogear sprit rigging.  It has taken me a few renditions to dial in on what works well for me at this time.

I only run Code 0 and A-5 off the sprit at this time.  Still using the masthead symmetrical.  There are a few holes in my sailplan, but better to spend a summer learning the boat, and then fill the gaps next winter.

Each sail has its own tack setup on the pole.  The second loop I put on at the beginning of the season, is very short through the pole.  This works well for bobstay with Antal ring and the top is dyneema loop with three passes and then a dyneema chafe cover.

On the top of the pole I have a Equiplite snatch block with dyneema loop, the 2:1. line is eye spliced then cow hitched for the furler to the loop.  Then a separate loop with ring for the A-5 is run through the loop.  This keeps all the fittings low and light weight with only metal on the 2:1 fitting.

Check out the video to see the gear being used and how I set it up.

The Trogear Sprit has been rock solid.  And I like having the ability to move it out of the way while on two mooring pennants or anchoring.

Go out and enjoy summer it flies by, so grab it while its here.

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See you soon.


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Ronstan Core Blocks and Shocks, Episode 26

Episode 26 core blocks

Installing the Ronstan Core 45 stand up block

This week I upgraded my mast base blocks with Ronstan Core 45’s, and a couple of older Ronstan double bearing blocks.  The reason for the double bearing blocks is the higher load on the jib halyard, and Frac spin which takes the Code 0.

I am always surprised at the loads the Ronstan blocks are rated, and this is a great chance to give them a good run.

Also a bonus this week is the Ronstan Shock aluminum fairleads.  This are great for so many applications on the boat.  Watch the video and see how I use them.

Get out and enjoy summer, and Enjoy the video.

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Ronstan Ballslide Batten Car System, Episode 25

Episode 25 still

Sailing upwind reefed with new Ronstan Mast Car system

This weeks show is about the Ronstan Ballslide system on my mainsail.  On my Express 27 I used a boltrope on the main, yikes that was a pain reefing, and dropping the main on a windy day by myself, no fun.

The Ronstan system is fantastic.  It fits the mast groove on the back of most aluminum mast, with the inserts that fits on the car to match the mast grove.

Then a mast gate needs to be built that will allow the cars to slide by easily, and be strong enough to withstand the abuse a mast car will give it, with all the reefing I do.

Enjoy the video and if you are looking for a better system on your aluminum mast, I highly recommend this option.

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Review Modifications and Additions

Episode 24 out of shop

Carol getting Kincora planning in 14 kts of wind.

Sailing season is in full swing and it is hard to believe next week is 4th of July.

This weeks show is reviewing some of the changes that were done in the shop and how they are working out on the water.

Each sail I add to the list, and try to do the work before sailing to keep up.  This is the fun part of owning a new boat and dialing it in.  There are a lot of small details that I like to get right.  When I am by myself all the small details make a huge difference.  It is one of the many great aspects of single handed sailing.

It will take me this summer and into next summer before I feel the boat is dialed.  It is never a short process. About 3,000 miles and it should be pretty close.

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Happy 4th of July

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Leaving the Shop, Episode 23

Episode 23 out of shop

Kincora leaving the shop and ready for the season.

This week I have been on a tight schedule with new clients, but still have a fun video for you.  Before the video I discuss how my show is all about my opinions and want you to feel comfortable that I am not influenced by my sponsors.

Please if you ever have question about gear, how I install it, or short handed sailing questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Last weekend was the first two overnights on Kincora. We had great conditions between 8-23 kts true wind speed, with 45 miles of downwind (top speed 14.3 kts) and 45 miles of upwind.  So a good shakedown for the boat.  Look forward to taking you along and showing how the gear works and some of my short handed techniques.

This weeks video is a lead into the summer series.  A short time-lapse of Kincora leaving the shop.

Enjoy the video (LINK) and see you next week starting the summer, In and Out of the Boat Shop Series.

Thanks to Pleasant Street Wharf for taking such great care of Kincora while hauling her.

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Buffing the Topsides, Episode 22

Episode 22 Buffing topsides

Ready to buff the topsides

This week is the last job in the shop before launching, buffing the topsides.  After I buff  and add teflon polish she is good for the summer, unless I haul and have time for another polish coat.

For buffing I use Aqua Buff and have always had great results with this product.   It is designed for gel coat and comes in 1000 grit to remove scratches and 2000 grit to bring out the shine.

Stay tuned for next week when the shows name will be, In and OUT of the Boat Shop, to better describe the summer season.

Congratulations to all the singlehanded sailors in the Bermuda 1-2.  They had a tough ride in the second half of the race, in small boats.  Great to see first time 1-2 skipper Paul Grimes, on his J35 Breakaway first in Class 2 and 5th to finish, congratulations Paul.

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