Leaving the Shop, Episode 23

Episode 23 out of shop

Kincora leaving the shop and ready for the season.

This week I have been on a tight schedule with new clients, but still have a fun video for you.  Before the video I discuss how my show is all about my opinions and want you to feel comfortable that I am not influenced by my sponsors.

Please if you ever have question about gear, how I install it, or short handed sailing questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Last weekend was the first two overnights on Kincora. We had great conditions between 8-23 kts true wind speed, with 45 miles of downwind (top speed 14.3 kts) and 45 miles of upwind.  So a good shakedown for the boat.  Look forward to taking you along and showing how the gear works and some of my short handed techniques.

This weeks video is a lead into the summer series.  A short time-lapse of Kincora leaving the shop.

Enjoy the video (LINK) and see you next week starting the summer, In and Out of the Boat Shop Series.

Thanks to Pleasant Street Wharf for taking such great care of Kincora while hauling her.

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Buffing the Topsides, Episode 22

Episode 22 Buffing topsides

Ready to buff the topsides

This week is the last job in the shop before launching, buffing the topsides.  After I buff  and add teflon polish she is good for the summer, unless I haul and have time for another polish coat.

For buffing I use Aqua Buff and have always had great results with this product.   It is designed for gel coat and comes in 1000 grit to remove scratches and 2000 grit to bring out the shine.

Stay tuned for next week when the shows name will be, In and OUT of the Boat Shop, to better describe the summer season.

Congratulations to all the singlehanded sailors in the Bermuda 1-2.  They had a tough ride in the second half of the race, in small boats.  Great to see first time 1-2 skipper Paul Grimes, on his J35 Breakaway first in Class 2 and 5th to finish, congratulations Paul.

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Bottom Job Final Finish, Episode 21

Episode 21 pt3 bottom

Applying the first coat of Black Widow bottom paint.

Whew, the bottom is done.  Be prepared to take twice the time you think plus to do a quality bottom job.   You can not rush the sanding.  But the Merka products discussed last week help make the job easier.

Hopefully you can follow my recommendations in the video and save yourself days of sanding, and come out with a bottom job you will be proud of.

The Pettit products are great, and I think Black Widow bottom paint is the new standard.  Being able to buff out the surface with Merka Aberlon pads and water makes a shinny smooth finish.  I will check back in the summer series with how well the antifouling properties are from the paint.

Enjoy the final phase with part three video here.

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Tips & Tricks, Bottom Job Pt2, Episode 20

Episode 20 pt2 bottom

Tips on best abrasive to use on the bottom.

I felt it was important to pass on what I learned with rollers and abrasives while doing the bottom.  This was shot just before I did the last 20 sq-ft of the bottom, so I had most of a week behind me sanding.

Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.  All the products were new for me from barrier coats, bottom paint, and abrasives.  So check out the video if you are going to do a race boat bottom job, and hopefully my tips will make your job easier.  And best of all save you days of sanding.

Next week I will show the finished product and Pettit Black Widow application.  The paint is excellent and I highly recommend it for your next bottom job.

Enjoy the video.  Let me know if you have any questions?

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Archambault 31 Bottom Job, Episode 19

Episode 19 pt 1 bottom job

Starting first Pettit Protect coat

This week is part one of the two part bottom job.  I will go through my preparation process, and applying the two coats of Pettit Protect Barrier coats.  How it worked for me, some tricks I found, and what did not work.  Hopefully this will help you if you decide to do a full bottom job.

If you can hire someone to do your bottom, I suggest it.  I have done a few bottom on my own boats but do not do this full time.  This is an art form to really have it dialed in and get perfect bottoms.

The hours it takes to strip a bottom, de-wax the bottom, fair the bottom, barrier coat, and paint the bottom paint, is equal to the time it takes to sand it to a 2000 grit finish.  So be prepared to take the time and do it right.  And don’t cut corners on materials. This is why I chose to use Pettit Protect.

Follow me on my bottom job journey with the (link to the video).

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Episode 18, Summer 2015 Kincora (E27) trekking


Kristianna and Kincora ready to sail downeast

I have a fun video this week.  This is from 2015 when I did a lot of single handed miles on my Express 27.  There are a few clips of my buddy John with his Olson 30 when we traveled to Maine on our annual singlehanded trek.  Enjoy the video

The bottom job video with new Pettit Black Widow bottom paint and their barrier coat is just about done.  More sanding today.

In the mean time enjoy some fun clips from the Expess 27, Kincora, which was a great ride.

And remember, Have Fun Every Day

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Blast from the Past, Sailing Samba, Episode 17

Samba wake

Samba wake at 13 kts

With the sailing season starting in Southern New England I thought is was a good time to dig into the archives, and give you a treat.  This is a video I took in the summer of 2009 sailing my Quest 30 Samba to CT, to see my brothers.  Conditions were great in both directions, and it is a fantastic memory.  I hope you enjoy the ride? Next week will be the bottom job part 1.

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